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Reflection on Day One of NECC 2009


My Live Blog (does not include Equity Summit) Digital Equity Summit NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | Digital Equity Summit My Tweets from Digital Equity Summit Given the fact that I teacher in a Title school, and make that an issue, I should be participating in this event but Equity Conference and I have not […]

New post up at ISTE Connects


I did a guest blog piece on ISTE about what I found to be a more fruitful way to expand my network than sitting in the Bloggers Cafe (a lovely place, btw) and wait for a “talent scout” or “famous” edublogger to notice me typing furiously… Expanding your network

The conference formerly known as “NECC”


Larry Ferlazzo pointed out that many readers may have NO idea what a NECC is, and why it’s such a big deal, so I thought I would do a short posts on NECC background. I’ll explain the title of this post at the end. First, NECC (the National Educational Computing Conference) is an annual conference […]

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My NECC Schedule


Below is my calendar for NECC 2009 | National Educational Computing Conference put on by ISTE which will be starting next week. I will begin my travels to Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon with a train ride down to the San Francisco Bay area to spend the night there  before leaving by plane for the […]

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New Post at ISTE/NECC Blog


FYI, Wes Fryer has opened up the NECC blog for folks to post articles on how they use technology in their classrooms. This not only helps Wes generate content, but will be a show case for the power of technology (well used) in the classroom. The first article came from Nancy Pratt, about a story […]

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